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Little Fires Everywhere

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Little Fires Everywhere

Product Details

  • Hardcover: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Penguin Press; 1st Edition edition (September 12, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 2
  • ISBN-13: 92
  • Product Dimensions: 6.2 x 1.1 x 9.3 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1.2 pounds

Review An Amazon Best Book of September 2017: With her first two
novels, Celeste Ng has established herself as a writer of rare sensitivity and
talent. Her debut Everything I Never Told You was picked by the Amazon Editors
as the best book of 2014 and went on to be a best seller. Now, Little Fires
Everywhere is sure to please her fans and attract many more. The Richardson
family lives in the planned community of Shaker Heights, Ohio—a place of
wealth, comfort, and stability—and they are a clan that embodies those traits.
But when Mia, a single mother, and her fifteen year old daughter, Pearl, rent
a house in the area, their very different lives will merge with those of the
Richardson family and begin to contort the carefully laid lattice that
supports their views. Once again, the plotting and pacing are nearly perfect,
the characters believable and real. Ng is a master of family and societal
dynamics, shifting perspectives, and the secrets that we try to protect—and
readers who loved her debut will recognize the author in this second novel,
even as she continues to stretch herself as a writer. We are now eagerly
awaiting her next novel. –Chris Schluep, Amazon Book Review Read more Review
“I read Little Fires Everywhere in a single, breathless sitting. With
brilliance and beauty, Celeste Ng dissects a microcosm of American society
just when we need to see it beneath the microscope: how do questions of race
stack up against the comfort of privilege, and what role does that play in
parenting? Is motherhood a bond forged by blood, or by love? And perhaps most
importantly: do the faults of our past determine what we deserve in the
future? Be ready to be wowed by Ng’s writing — and unsettled by the mirror
held up to one’s own beliefs.” – Jodi Picoult, New York Times bestselling
author of Small Great Things and Leaving Time “Witty, wise, and tender. It’s a
marvel.” -Paula Hawkins, author of The Girl on the Train and Into the Water
“Witnessing these two families as they commingle and clash is an utterly
engrossing, often heartbreaking, deeply empathetic experience…It’s this vast
and complex network of moral affiliations—and the nuanced omniscient voice
that Ng employs to navigate it—that make this novel even more ambitious and
accomplished than her debut…Our trusty narrator is as powerful and persuasive
and delightfully clever as the narrator in a Victorian novel…It is a
thrillingly democratic use of omniscience, and, for a novel about class, race,
family and the dangers of the status quo, brilliantly apt…The magic of this
novel lies in its power to implicate all of its characters—and likely many of
its readers—in that innocent delusion [of a post-racial America]. Who set the
littles fires everywhere? We keep reading to find out, even as we suspect that
it could be us with ash on our hands.” —Eleanor Henderson, The New York Times
Book Review “[Ng] captures her setting with an ethnologist’s authority…And
there are time-capsule pleasures in her evocation of 1997…The writing is
poised.” —Wall Street Journal “Delectable and engrossing…A complex and
compulsively readable suburban saga that is deeply invested in mothers and
daughters…What Ng has written, in this thoroughly entertaining novel, is a
pointed and persuasive social critique, teasing out the myriad forms of
privilege and predation that stand between so many people and their
achievement of the American dream. But there is a heartening optimism, too.
This is a book that believes in the transformative powers of art and genuine
kindness — and in the promise of new growth, even after devastation, even
after everything has turned to ash.” —Boston Globe “[Ng] widens her aperture
to include a deeper, more diverse cast of characters. Though the book’s
language is clean and straightforward, almost conversational, Ng has an acute
sense of how real people (especially teenagers, the slang-slinging kryptonite
of many an aspiring novelist) think and feel and communicate. Shaker Heights
may be a place where “things were peaceful, and riots and bombs and
earthquakes were quiet thumps, muffled by distance.’ But the real world is
never as far away as it seems, of course. And if the scrim can’t be broken,
sometimes you have to burn it down. Grade: A-” —Entertainment Weekly
“Stellar…The plot is tightly structured, full of echoes and convergence, the
characters bound together by a growing number of thick, overlapping
threads….Ng is a confident, talented writer, and it’s a pleasure to inhabit
the lives of her characters and experience the rhythms of Shaker Heights
through her clean, observant prose. Before she became an author she was a
miniaturist — almost too perfect for a writer of suburban fiction — and
there’s a lovely, balanced, dioramic quality to this novel. She toggles
between multiple points of view, creating a narrative both broad in scope and
fine in detail, all while keeping the story moving at a thriller’s pace.”—LA
Times “Riveting…unearthing the ways that race, class, motherhood and belonging
intersect to shape each individual…Perhaps Ng’s most impressive feat is
inviting the reader’s forgiveness for Mrs. Richardson –– a woman whose own
mission for perfection, and strict adherence to rules ultimately become the
catalyst for the maelstrom that ensues.”—Chicago Tribune “Like Sue Monk Kidd
or Madeleine Thien, Celeste Ng has a carpenter’s sure touch in constructing
nested, interconnected plots…There are few novelists writing today who are as
wise, compassionate and unsparing as Ng, about the choices you make, the ones
you don’t, and the price you might pay for missed lives.” —Financial Times
“When you’re in the mood for family drama that’s not your own, Little Fires
Everywhere by CelesteNg will have you hooked.” -The Skimm“Sharp and
entertaining—you can’t look away even when things are crashing and burning
(literally)—and it possibly ranks up there with all-time great suburbia
fiction, like Jeffrey Eugenides’s The Virgin Suicides.” — Goop“Opposites
attract and also ignite in this thoughtful novel.” —People “Ng writes with the
wisdom of a hundred lives lived.” — Harpers Bazaar “A riveting read and one of
our favorite new works of fiction this fall.” —Refinery29 “[Ng] probes
privilege and the compromises it requires in a riveting novel.” –O, The Oprah
Magazine“A meditation on rules, race, class, insiders, outsiders, motherhood.
There is no throwaway character. And after you’ve raced to the end of the
book, you’ll want to read it again, to take the ideas and hold them up to the
harsh light of 2017. Ng’s novel would be a great read in any time period—but
if you’re struggling with the present moment and how we got here, this novel
will do what any good piece of fiction does: illuminate.” —Barrie Hardymon,
NPR’s Best Books of 2017 “Like Everything I Never Told You, Ng’s excellent
debut, the book plots its way into a smart, accessible conversation about race
and class. But free of the restraints of Everything’s thriller construction,
Little Fires gives Ng the space and patience to confront how progressive-
minded communities approach identity.” – “[A] suspenseful, tense tale.”
—W Magazine “[Ng’s] descriptions are so dead-on you can practically see the
Cleveland skyline as you ride shotgun with these characters.” —Glamour“A
meditation on the unspoken pains and contradictions of motherhood. Its story
unspools all the raw, knotted tensions that go into making a family…Choosing a
rambling van over a 401(k) isn’t a sign of delinquent parenting in Ng’s
universe; it’s just one of a series of possible paths, with its own unique
pleasures and pitfalls.” –Refinery29 “Unmissable…Ng’s psychological insight is
acute, yet generous,…Little Fires Everywhere examines the cruelties that we
unwittingly inflict on those we claim to love.” ―Claire Fallon, HuffPost’s
Best Fiction Books of 2017“Takes unerring aim at upper-middle-class America’s
blind spots…a nuanced study of mothers and daughters and the burden of not
belonging to our families or our communities.” — Vogue“Totally absorbing, each
character drawn so well it makes it impossible to decide whose side you’re
on.” — Marie Claire “Ng writes with the wisdom of a hundred lives lived,
churning out complex characters mostly sympathetic, sometimes loathsome, but
all startlingly human.” —“Fans of novelist Celeste Ng’s
debut, Everything I Never Told You, and devotees of her resistance-ready
Twitter feed can rejoice…The story drifts effortlessly between characters;
each is full and memorable as they coax the novel to its fiery climax. Ng
reminds us that action is a choice, and you’ll want to keep reading until the
last irreversible actions play out.” —Bust “Couldn’t be more timely… Little
Fires Everywhere might just be the signpost that we need, pointing a way
forward with the gentle suggestion that sometimes doing the right thing means
breaking some rules.” –Paste “Compelling…Little Fires Everywhere invests all
of its emotional energies in the relationship between mothers and their
children…in Ng’s precisely rendered perfect suburb.” –Vox “Ng’s taut class
drama is calibrated for fireworks.” –New York Magazine, Books to Read This
Fall “Written with deep empathy and vivid characters who feel true to life,
Little Fires Everywhere is a captivating, insightful examination of
motherhood, identity, family, privilege, perfectionism, obsession, and the
secrets about ourselves we try to hide.” –Buzzfeed “There are few modern
writers as brilliant at capturing the complexities of a family as Celeste
Ng…The book is smart, nuanced, and exhilarating—but more than anything, Little
Fires Everywhere is a gorgeous exploration of motherhood in its many forms,
and the many different paths that women travel to get there.” —
“Ng’s uncanny ability to embody multiple viewpoints makes for a powerful,
revelatory novel.” –, Ten Books to Read in September “The un-put-
downable story that everyone will be talking about this Fall. A must read for
book clubs.” –PopSugar “Equal parts clever, relatable, surprising and
unsettling… Ng covers a lot of ground here, from class nuance to the nature of
conformity. But the story really shines when she examines complex mother-
daughter relationships and how they work…until they don’t.”— PureWow
“Engrossing…Ng’s characters are authentic and complex, but it’s her confident
narration that will invite readers to settle in for the ride—a storyteller who
knows what she’s doing is at the wheel…With each revelation, Little Fires
Everywhere grows more propulsive and insightful, boring through the placid
surface of American suburbia.” —Dallas Morning News “Ng has one-upped herself
with her tremendous follow-up novel… a finely wrought meditation on the nature
of motherhood, the dangers of privilege and a cautionary tale about how even
the tiniest of secrets can rip families apart… Ng is a master at pushing us to
look at our personal and societal flaws in the face and see them with new
eyes… If “Little Fires Everywhere” doesn’t give you pause and help you think
differently about humanity and this country’s current state of affairs, start
over from the beginning and read the book again.” –San Francisco
Chronicle“The truth is messy for everyone in Little Fires Everywhere. As she
did so well in Everything I Never Told You, Ng crafts sympathetic backstories
for the characters that make their decisions understandable if not entirely
acceptable. She also creates layered portraits, especially of the girls and
women, to raise questions about what mothers can give and what their children
need when no one can stick to the rules.”—St. Louis Post-Dispatch “Ng’s talent
for depth of story and character development shines and will stay with you
long after you’ve finished the book.” —Richmond Times-Dispatch “Immersive and
thought-provoking…Hang on and prepare to be mesmerized as you meet two
families in idyllic Shaker Heights, Ohio.” —The Missourian “A haunting,
layered story of mothers and daughters, and how they attract and repel each
other.” – Seattle Times “A multilayered, tightly focused and expertly plotted
narrative…A deeply impressive novel with the power to provoke and entrance.”
—Minneapolis Star Tribune “One of the best novels of the fall is an emotional
tale about motherhood, class and so much more… Everything I Never Told You,
was good, but this is better.” — “Mesmerizing…The result is a deftly
woven plot that examines a multitude of issues, including class, wealth,
artistic vision, abortion, race, prejudice and cultural privilege.” —BookPage
“Ng’s best-selling first novel Everything I Never Told You proved her deft
hand at crafting family dramas with the deep-rooted tension of a thriller, a
skill she puts to pitch-perfect effect in her latest entry…that is equal parts
simmering and soulful.” — “A quiet but powerful look at
family, secrets, and running from the past. Once again, Ng has delivered a
near-perfect novel.” —BookRiot “An intricate and captivating portrait of an
eerily perfect suburban town with its dark undertones not-quite-hidden from
view and a powerful and suspenseful novel about motherhood…Ng explores the
complexities of adoption, surrogacy, abortion, privacy, and class, questioning
all the while who earns, who claims, and who loses the right to be called a
mother…an impressive accomplishment.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)“Ng’s
stunning second novel is a multilayered examination of how identities are
forged and maintained, how families are formed and friendships tested, and how
the notion of motherhood is far more fluid than bloodlines would suggest…[A] tour de force.”—Booklist (starred review)“This incandescent portrait of
suburbia and family, creativity, and consumerism burns bright… As in
Everything I Never Told You, Ng conjures a sense of place and displacement and
shows a remarkable ability to see—and reveal—a story from different
perspectives. The characters she creates here are wonderfully appealing, and
watching their paths connect—like little trails of flame leading inexorably
toward one another to create a big inferno—is mesmerizing, casting into new
light ideas about creativity and consumerism, parenthood and privilege. With
her second novel, Ng further proves she’s a sensitive, insightful writer with
a striking ability to illuminate life in America.” —Kirkus Reviews
(starred)”Spectacular sophomore work…a magnificent, multilayered epic that’s
perfect for eager readers and destined for major award lists.” — Library
Journal (starred review)”Little Fires Everywhere takes us deep into other
people’s homes and lives and darkest corners. Along the way, Celeste Ng is
always witty, engrossing, unsparing and original.” — Meg Wolitzer “Little
Fires Everywhere is a dazzlingly protean work – a comedy of manners that
doubles as a social novel and reads like a thriller. By turns wry, heart-
rending and gimlet-eyed, it confirms Celeste Ng’s genius for gripping literary
fiction.” — Peter Ho Davies, author of The Fortunes “As if it wasn’t totally
obvious from her stunning first novel, Little Fires Everywhere showcases what
makes Celeste Ng such a masterful writer. The way she examines the complexity
of place, and the people who inhabit that place, is some of the most
virtuosic, compelling, and wise storytelling that I’ve seen in a long time. By
looking so closely at this community, she opens up the entire world, and it’s
an amazing experience.” — Kevin Wilson, author of The Family Fang and Perfect
Little World “Yes, it’s the story of one Ohio town, but Little Fires
Everywhere is not that familiar tale of the underside of the American suburb.
It’s a powerful work about parenthood and politics, adolescent strife and
artistic ambition, and the stark choice between conformity and community.
Celeste Ng possesses the remarkable ability to write about the most serious of
subjects with the lightest possible touch.” — Rumaan Alam, author of Rich and
Pretty “I cracked open this book mid-morning and did not even move again until
it was time to turn on a light. What a joy it was to be so thoroughly taken,
to let the chores and clocks and even my own breathing stop while I raced
through these pages. Celeste Ng once again proves she is a force to be
reckoned with. Little Fires Everywhere is a deft, smoldering masterpiece.” —
Mira Jacob, author of The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing “As I read Celeste
Ng’s second novel I found myself thinking, again and again: how does she know
so much? About all of us? How does she write with such perception, such
marvelous grace, such daring and generosity? Little Fires Everywhere has the
irresistible pace of an expertly tuned thriller, and the observational
brilliance of lasting literature. It marks Celeste Ng as a writer of the first
rank, among the very best in her generation – right there with Zadie Smith and
Jacqueline Woodson. I was mad for this book.” — Joe Hill, author of The
Fireman and Heart-Shaped Box“I was fascinated, not to mention worried about,
and frightened of and for, these intriguing characters. Celeste Ng is a
powerful and poignant writer whose attention to detail is pitch-perfect. Her
intuitive rendering of how and why people behave in such unflattering ways is
important. Her writing is honest and rich–and I love how little fires spread
here until they’re put out.” – Terry McMillan, author of I Almost Forgot About
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