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A Gentleman in Moscow: A Novel

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A Gentleman in Moscow: A Novel

Product Details

  • Hardcover: 480 pages
  • Publisher: Viking; 1 edition (September 6, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0670026190
  • ISBN-13: 97
  • Product Dimensions: 6.3 x 1.6 x 9.2 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • #29 in Political Fiction (Books)

Review An Amazon Best Book of September 2016: A Gentleman in Moscow
is the utterly entertaining second novel from the author of Rules of Civility.
Amor Towles skillfully transports us to The Metropol, the famed Moscow hotel
where movie stars and Russian royalty hobnob, where Bolsheviks plot
revolutions and intellectuals discuss the merits of contemporary Russian
writers, where spies spy, thieves thieve and the danger of twentieth century
Russia lurks outside its marbled walls. It’s also where wealthy Count
Alexander Rostov lives under house arrest for a poem deemed incendiary by the
Bolsheviks, and meets Nina. Nina is a precocious and wide-eyed young girl who
holds the keys to the entire hotel, wonders what it means to be a princess,
and will irrevocably change his life. Despite being confined to the hallway of
the hotel, the Count lives an absorbing, adventure-filled existence, filled
with capers, conspiracies and culture. Alexander Rostov is a character for the
ages–like Kay Thompson’s Eloise and Wes Anderson’s M. Gustav, he is
unflinchingly (and hilariously for readers) devoted to his station, even when
forced to wait tables, play hide and seek with a young girl, or confront
communism. Towles magnificently conjures the grandeur of the Russian hotel and
the vibrancy of the characters that call it home. –Al Woodworth, The Amazon
Book Review Read more Review “If you’re looking for a summer novel, this is
it. Beautifully written, a story of a Russian aristocrat trapped in Moscow
during the tumult of the 1930s. It brims with intelligence, erudition, and
insight, an old-fashioned novel in the best sense of the term.” —Fareed
Zakaria, “Global Public Square,” CNN”Fun, clever, and surprisingly upbeat . .
. A Gentleman in Moscow is an amazing story because it manages to be a little
bit of everything. There’s fantastical romance, politics, espionage,
parenthood and poetry. The book is technically historical fiction, but you
would be just as accurate calling it a thriller or a love story.” —Bill
Gates“The book is like a salve. I think the world feels disordered right now.
The count’s refinement and genteel nature are exactly what we’re longing for.”
—Ann Patchett“How delightful that in an era as crude as ours this finely
composed novel stretches out with old-World elegance.” —The Washington
Post“Marvelous.” —Chicago Tribune “The novel buzzes with the energy of
numerous adventures, love affairs, twists of fate and silly antics.” —The Wall
Street Journal “A winning, stylish novel.” — “Enjoyable, elegant.”
—Seattle Times“The perfect book to curl up with while the world goes by
outside your window.” —Refinery29“Who will save Rostov from the intrusions of
state if not the seamstresses, chefs, bartenders and doormen? In the end,
Towles’s greatest narrative effect is not the moments of wonder and
synchronicity but the generous transformation of these peripheral workers,
over the course of decades, into confidants, equals and, finally, friends.
With them around, a life sentence in these gilded halls might make Rostov the
luckiest man in Russia.” —The New York Times Book Review“This is an old
fashioned sort of romance, filled with delicious detail. Save this precious
book for times you really, really want to escape reality.” —Louise
Erdrich“Towles gets good mileage from the considerable charm of his
protagonist and the peculiar world he inhabits.” —The New Yorker“Irresistible
. . . In his second elegant period piece, Towles continues to explore the
question of how a person can lead an authentic life in a time when mere
survival is a feat in itself . . . Towles’s tale, as lavishly filigreed as a
Fabergé egg, gleams with nostalgia for the golden age of Tolstoy and
Turgenev.” —O, The Oprah Magazine “‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ and ‘Eloise’
meets all the Bond villains.”—TheSkimm“And the intrigue! . . . [A Gentleman in
Moscow] is laced with sparkling threads (they will tie up) and tokens (they
will matter): special keys, secret compartments, gold coins, vials of coveted
liquid, old-fashioned pistols, duels and scars, hidden assignations (discreet
and smoky), stolen passports, a ruby necklace, mysterious letters on elegant
hotel stationery . . . a luscious stage set, backdrop for a downright
Casablanca-like drama.” —The San Francisco Chronicle“The same gorgeous,
layered richness that marked Towles’ debut, Rules of Civility, shapes [A
Gentleman in Moscow].”—Entertainment Weekly Praise for Rules of Civility “An
irresistible and astonishingly assured debut.” —O, the Oprah Magazine “With
this snappy period piece, Towles resurrects the cinematic black-and-white
Manhattan of the golden age…[his] characters are youthful Americans in tricky
times, trying to create authentic lives.” —The New York Times Book Review
“Sharp [and] sure-handed.” —Wall Street Journal “Put on some Billie Holiday,
pour a dry martini and immerse yourself in the eventful life of Katey
Kontent.” —People “[A] wonderful debut novel.” —The Chicago Tribune
“Glittering…filled with snappy dialogue, sharp observations and an array of
terrifically drawn characters…Towles writes with grace and verve about the
mores and manners of a society on the cusp of radical change.” — “A
book that enchants on first reading and only improves on the second.” —The
Philadelphia Inquirer Read more See all Editorial Reviews














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